Tier One supplier of hi-tech equipment, specializing in power extraction/management


Part of the SAFRAN group, Hispano-Suiza is a tier one supplier of hi-tech equipment, specializing in power extraction and management. It serves the civil and military aeronautic markets by designing, developing and manufacturing products, and offers in-house services focusing on two areas :
  • Power transmission systems for airplane and helicopter engines
  • Electrical equipment and systems, notably in the field of electronic power controllers for onboard electronic equipment
The company operates three industrial sites, two near the French capital, Paris, and one in Poland, and has a workforce of 1,200. Strongly committed to providing technologies and systems for “more electric” aircraft, Hispano-Suiza aims to become a world leader in the entire onboard electrical energy system.


The solutions developed by SPRING Technologies have been widely deployed across the SAFRAN group, ensuring seamless consistency in terms of exchanging information and integration.

For Hispano-Suiza in Poland, the human factor was essential in the choice of tools for the digitization of workshop processes.

To understand each other, you have to believe”, explains Norbert Quemerais, Representative & Coordinator in Poland - HSP Technical Advisor at Hispano-Suiza. “Our machining cycles on hard materials are long and our aim is to improve our operating value by machining as far downstream as possible, with JIT delivery to our customers. The balance is not easy to strike, but the ratio is important in a company’s organization.

To factor in its needs and implement the NCSIMUL Machine and Optitool solutions, Hispano-Suiza Poland had to fully analyze its needs and technological and economic challenges. SPRING’s teams rose to these challenges on both the technological and human levels.


We were looking for a 10% gain in machining time”, adds Norbert Quemerais. “This is very significant when you consider that, over a year, machine use amounts to hundreds of hours.

At Hispano-Suiza, NCSIMUL Machine has delivered an average gain of 10% and… “sometimes much more”, he confirms. However, Quemerais feels that the biggest gain is to have succeeded in reassuring and convincing the production teams at Hispano-Suiza in Poland. A partnership that has to be built and maintained day after day.

The next step: beyond simulation to machining optimization

The next step for us will be to go further in optimizing vibratory frequencies. We have started work on this area and intend to develop, with the continuing support of SPRING’s teams.

Norbert Quemerais concludes “Striking a balance between machines and materials is sometimes complex and NCSIMUL Machine helps us manage this better. The 10% gain delivered by simulating our tool paths before machining is substantial. Gaining the trust of our production teams in the SPRING solution has been primordial. Today, Jozef Cisek, our user workshop manager, is completely convinced.

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