Machine-tools and precision engineering


SMP designs and manufactures all its own products:
- 1- and 2-axis CNC tables
- 5-axis NC tool and cutter grinders
- floating chucks (reamer holders)

SMP is also a major player in mechanical engineering and a leading supplier of the defence, research and other sectors where engineering and precision machining services are inseparable.


SMP designs and manufactures tool and cutter grinders. These machines are used to manufacture and sharpen carbide, HSS and CBN tools for wood and metal cutting. The machined parts may vary considerably in size (from Ø1 mm mills to spindles with a length of up to 1,000 mm). The grinding centre is driven entirely by SMP's proprietary Numaffut+ software.
SMP was seeking to offer its customers a comprehensive service: tool design (with Numaffut+), program finalisation and correction by machining simulation (with NCSIMUL Machine), and tool production (with its own machines). NCSIMUL Machine has consequently become a vital step in the design-to-shop floor process.


SMP started its collaboration with SPRING TECHNOLOGIES in 2000, with the aim of making the work easier for its users.
All the NC programs for the grinding machine are written with SMP's Numaffut+ software. The user simply clicks on an icon to run NCSIMUL Machine. The proofed job exactly replicates the program as written in Numaffut+.
- NCSIMUL Machine is generally installed on the machine and used to check the operator's NC program. It also identifies and prevents risks of collisions that are increased on machines with multiple accessories.
- NCSIMUL Machine is used in the design office to help develop new tools. The ability to perform measurements in 3D or use cross-sections from a CAD model is valuable in approving a new tool design.
- NCSIMUL Machine enables SMP to quote jobs and optimize its cycle times by calculating true machining times.

« Our Numaffut+ software is an ongoing development project, and we regularly develop a range of other in-house programs. Because NCSIMUL Machine is able to directly decode the ISO program, we can use it to immediately simulate these new programs. »

Michaëlle FERRARI
Numaffut+ Product Manager, SMP software development department

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