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Innovative industrial pumps supplier

Company Overview

Ensival Moret: "Innovations provider"
With a hundred years of experience in the design and manufacturing of industrial pumps, Ensival Moret is a world-renowned supplier whose expertise is internationally recognized. Recognized for its reliable technical solutions and high quality products, Ensival Moret supplies a wide range of pumps for meeting all industrial requirements, even highly specialized ones in difficult pumping conditions.

Ensival Moret offers a complete range of centrifugal and mixed flow pumps for a capacity up to 30.000 m3/h with operating temperatures from -160°C to +900°C. This product range also includes a series of self-priming pumps, liquid ring vacuum pumps, high capacity submersible pumps and canned motor pumps. A wide choice of materials is available. Ensival Moret has seven manufacturing facilities (three plants in France, two plants in Belgium, one plant in China, one plant in Brazil).

Ensival Moret China : "Shanghai Plant"
Based in Shanghai, Ensival Moret China was established in 1996 as first foreign, wholly-owned enterprise in the pumps field in China.

The company employs approximatively 250 employees including a R&D team for local design optimization. Ensival Moret China produces a wide range of chemical/industrial pumps and ships over 1000 pumps annually. Ensival Moret China has excellent references in foreign-owned and local chemical industry in China. The very high-end and precision machining in this industry sector requires that the cutting process be as efficient as possible and this is why Ensival Moret China decided to introduce NCSIMUL Machine in 2013 after a thorough review process of other simulation software products.


Wang Jun, Machining & Technical Advisor, explains his daily challenges and how NCSIMUL Machine has been helpful to him in his job: "Each of our manufacturing plants has modern MACHINE tools for complete machining of parts of various materials and sizes allowing us very precise finishing. All manufacturing plants are also equipped with state-of-the art and sophisticated hydraulic laboratories for both pump production testing and R&D functions.

Because of the very high costs and integrity of the castings that are used in our Shanghai plant and the complexity of the machining process that are used to manufacture those parts, we had to adopt new techniques and apply new technologies to have zero errors in the machining of these units. We understood that working in a zero-risk environment is almost impossible, but it is indeed feasible to drastically reduce those manufacturing risks when proving-out our parts offline in a Virtual Machining Environment. This is where NCSIMUL Machine has become so important for our Doosan milling Centers."

Key Benefits

Wang Jun listed several advantages of using NCSIMUL Machine: "We use NCSIMUL Machine on our internal Puma 405 Machining Center. NCSIMUL Machine helps us to simulate programs and calculate very accurate cycle times, even before running the part, which is critical for our very small batches and high mix/low volume production mode." He added, "This is a major competitive advantage for us to be able to change production modes and quantities at the very last minute for higher flexibility and response".

Wang Jun concludes, "We also use NSCIMUL MACHINE to build up our machine tool molds which we need to machine our products. It helps us to set up machine tool parameters and simulate real cutting processes including size, tooling, fixtures, and cycle times in a very detailed way to give us clear data analysis for evaluating our capital equipment investment plan. We use NCSIMUL Machine like we use our real NC machines in the plants, there is no difference!"

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