High-precision manufacturing

Company Overview

The engineering company Musashi was founded in 1960, opening a plant at Ota in the Japanese Prefecture of Gunma. Musashi developed an end-to-end manufacturing process from prototyping to mass production. In 1992, the company transferred its head office to Kumagaya and gained a reputation as a high-precision manufacturing company with demanding quality standards. Musashi uses five-axis machining centers to produce complex parts and variants.


Before choosing NCSIMUL Machine, Musashi used another NC simulation software for the 5-axis machining process used to make turbine impellers. The operation took over 16 hours and the user interface hung frequently when rotating or zooming the 3D model during simulation. Musashi consequently set out to find a solution that would offer faster simulation, with smooth 3D model handling and easy settings.

"We wanted to run the simulations on our 5-axis impeller machining process faster. We were looking for an easy-to-use application and automated simulation software", said Mr. Baba, manager of the Development Department.

At the time, Mr. Yagihashi, the president of Musashi, visited the Saeilo Japan booth at the JIMTOF 2012 tradeshow, where he first heard about NCSIMUL Machine.

"Our president visited many other booths to get an overview of the NC simulation products on the market. He asked to see NCSIMUL Machine, and was impressed by the great user-friendliness of NCSIMUL Machine interface." said Baba.

Musashi benchmarked NCSIMUL Machine against rival NC simulation software, including their legacy system.

They checked six key features :

  • 1. Machine / axis motion (machine simulation, collision check)
  • 2. NC program optimization (auto-feed change)
  • 3. Comparison features (incomplete cutting check)
  • 4. Multi-axis function (multi-access)
  • 5. Tool setting (interface)
  • 6. Machine (original MC environment )

"We made a short list (five-grade evaluation) of four products including NCSIMUL Machine. NCSIMUL Machine received the highest grade for its G-code verification, NC simulation speed and G-code optimization module (OPTITOOL®)" said Baba.

NCSIMUL Machine got the best grades for user friendliness and overall evaluation, so Musashi chose it replace its existing verification and simulation software.

Key Benefits

Musashi is delighted with the simulation speed of NCSIMUL

Has NCSIMUL Machine solved Musashi's machining issues?

"We confirmed that by using NCSIMUL Machine, we could simulate about three times faster than with traditional simulation software. Also, we could rotate the model during the simulation without freezing."

Baba also highlights the CAM team's surprise on discovering the NCSIMUL Machine high-speed simulation capabilities, especially for the 5-axis impeller machining process.

"We were really satisfied that the total distance (over-travel) was improved by NCSIMUL Machine. Moreover, the issue of excess or incomplete cutting also improved." said Baba.

When NCSIMUL Machine users were asked by Musashi's for their feedback, they listed six major advantages :

  • Handling the 3D model smoothly while running NC simulation.
  • 3D window and the program are interconnected, so we can identify collisions easily.
  • Customized machine settings are possible.
  • Tool path visualization for each tool.
  • Check out G-code, machining area (limitation), and cycle time during the loading of NC data.
  • Support for repetition control.

Musashi is fully satisfied with the support provided by Saeilo Japan

Saeilo Japan offers NCSIMUL Machine training sessions as well as call-center support.

"If we have any problems, we contact Saeilo Japan right away by telephone or e-mail. The Saeilo support center gives us the answer quickly. If the topic is difficult to answer, Saeilo is able to directly contact the software developer, SPRING technologies. We are fully satisfied with their support and service."

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