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Aluminium Extrusion Dies

Why did you decide to buy SPRING Technologies DIGITAL WORKSHOP solutions ? What were your requirements ?

We had extreme need for a tool that would allow us the total control of possible collisions during the phase of milling operation.


The tool had to be completely reliable but at the same time rapid for execution, user-friendly and customizable.

The relationship between quality and cost has convinced us to choose NCSIMUL Machine from SPRING Technologies.

What are the advantages of using SPRING Technologies solutions (cost cutting, time saving, ...) ?

Already, after a few months of using NCSIMUL Machine, we have found notable advantages in the flow of the workmanships of milling.

Interruptions of workmanship reduced to the least one, with consequent increase of productivity of the CNCs, reduction of the inherent costs to the production owed tools to breakups and in the worse one of the hypotheses to the CNC spindle.

Actually we are making more than 400 simulations every day.

Notable benefits are found in the departments of planning with personnel's diminution turned to the controls before the launch in production.

Tiberio Cazzoletti | Process engineering manager

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