SPRING Technologies strengthens its East to West dealer network and confirms its presence on the global market

SPRING Technologies, a major player on the PLM and NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS markets, announces the signature of dealership agreements with five new partners, all specialists of industry, for the marketing and implementation of NCSIMUL Machine, its machining simulation solution. In all, SPRING Technologies now has twenty dealer/resellers throughout the world, bolstering its presence on the international market.

SPRING Technologies is also widely represented in Europe with offices in France, Switzerland and Germany, and opened a new office in China in spring 2008.

New partners for SPRING Technologies... Industry specialists on every continent.

The company was already doing business in many countries via added-value dealers/resellers. All these industry specialists, in any sector (aeronautics, automotive, defence, mould-making, etc.) have been trained to market and install NCSIMUL Machine. Ultimately, in 2009, many will have acquired the skills enabling them to offer their customers the complete SPRING Technologies NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS (NCSIMUL Machine, TOOL SIMUL, NCSIMUL TOOL and NCSIMUL PUBLISHER).

The five companies that have just joined the SPRING Technologies dealer network are:

1. 3HTI in the USA (Medford) - www.3hti.com
2. Armada Yazilim Ltd in Turkey (Istanbul) - www.armadayazilim.com
3. Anàlisis Y Simulacion in Spain (Vittoria) - www.analisisysimulacion.com
4. ProCAM Group in Italy (Padua) - www.procam.it
5. Heqian in China (Chengdu) - www.heqtech.com

Jean Doyer, Director of partners, explains: “Today we have solutions for the NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS, and international recognition. The first stage in a partnership is always to market NCSIMUL Machine, the fundamental building block for optimising the product development process. We are investing heavily in training our dealers to get them up to speed as quickly as possible and enable them to help their customers win the productivity battle. This reality is the same anywhere in the world.

Our 20 resellers give us a territorial presence from east to west, from Japan to Poland, via India, Canada, Thailand, Malaysia, the Netherlands, the UK, Germany, South Korea, the USA, Turkey, Spain, Italy and China.

Our strategy for 2009 will be to continue investing in partner training to enable all these specialists in the world of industry, in any sector, to carry the complete SPRING Technologies NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS offering.”
A word about the SPRING Technologies NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS offering
This offering enables manufacturers to capitalise on their production know-how by making their data and input available in a shared, collaborative environment. It fits seamlessly into an existing environment of ERP, CAPM, CAD/CAM and PDM software... and the ability to exchange information with these programs completes the Product-Process integration.

The SPRING Technologies “NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS” is modular and includes solutions for:
• machining simulation and optimization (NCSIMUL Machine);
• cutting tool management (NCSIMUL TOOL);
• capitalising cutting conditions (TOOL SIMUL);
• managing process documentation (NCSIMUL PUBLISHER).

as well as related services:
• Post-processor development,
• Training and methodological assistance in CAM
• Support for a global approach to machining, tool/material issues, cutting fluids, attachments, machines, programming ...,
• Training in NC machining.

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