SPRING Technologies signs worldwide corporate contract with SAFRAN Group

SPRING's global offering ─ NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS ─ becomes the acknowledged reference for each of the Group's companies

SPRING Technologies, vendor of solutions that boost productivity on NC machines, announces the signature of a worldwide corporate contract with SAFRAN, an international specialist and leader in the fields of aeronautics, defense and security. The agreement covers the whole of the NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS offering and the related SPRING Technologies services, including consulting, support for continuous improvement, and training.

It will apply to all the group's companies worldwide (Snecma, Turbomeca, Techspace Aéro, Herakles, Messier-Bugatti-Dowty, Aircelle, Labinal, Hispano-Suiza, Sagem and Morpho). This full, complimentary range covers all production processes worldwide, improving SAFRAN's productivity, and enabling the first-tier supplier to secure and optimize its NC machines.


The corporate contract is an acknowledgement of SPRING's technological and human qualities and sets the seal on a partnership with SAFRAN that goes back nearly 20 years. The two companies share a common culture based on technical excellence and customer satisfaction. In fact, on all the markets in which SAFRAN does business worldwide, its success is based on the excellence of its technologies. From defense and security to engines and aeronautical equipment, the products designed by the Group all implement high added-value techniques.

Similarly, for the last 30 years, SPRING's vocation has been to offer its customers dependable, efficient tools with which to manage and make the most of their NC machines. The company has successfully anticipated the transformations undergone by the market, basing its products on a value proposal for users: to win the battle of competitiveness.


Xavier Dessemond, SAFRAN's Director of Purchasing, says: "SAFRAN sets out its research focuses to reflect its corporate strategy, and match the expectations of its customers and the society we live in. In an environment of globalized markets, SAFRAN does business on a highly competitive, open market where its success is due largely to the technological breakthroughs embodied in its products. The Group's technological prowess across-the-board also guarantees its future, consolidating its positions of strength. This will be the key to the Group's ability to offer solutions to the very diverse challenges of the next decades."

Gilles Battier, CEO of SPRING Technologies: "We are very proud to have signed this corporate contract with SAFRAN. It rewards the work accomplished by our multidisciplinary teams in areas like R&D, preliminary design, sales, support, and training. This will be another big boost to our motivation to pursue our mission: delivering customer satisfaction through the quality of our service and all our innovative solutions. Moreover, I must underscore SAFRAN's outstanding and proven commitment, day-to-day to the small and medium-sized companies that form its ecosystem. In 2011, the Group agreed to support us as part of a drive to help French SMEs establish themselves on the export market, backing our international development, especially in the USA. This has been a great demonstration that SME and major corporations can work hand-in-hand and grow together.

We are fully aware today that the agreement is not an end in itself. Quite the opposite, it sets out the imperatives and fuels our desire to reward SAFRAN's trust by continuing to deliver 100% satisfaction."


Some twenty SAFRAN plants worldwide (in Europe, America and Asia), already use NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS day-to-day with support from SPRING's engineers. SPRING Technologies' references include:

  • Hispano-Suiza in Poland : Norbert Quemerais, Representative & Coordinator in Poland – HSP Technical Advisor says: "Striking a balance between machines and materials is sometimes complex and NCSIMUL Machine helps us manage this better. The 10% gain delivered by simulating our tool paths before machining is substantial. Gaining the trust of our production teams in the SPRING solution has been primordial. Today, Jozef Cisek, our user workshop manager, is completely convinced. The next step for us will be to go deeper in optimizing our vibration frequencies. This is an area we are already working on. With the help of SPRING's teams we are fully confident of succeeding."
  • Messier-Bugatti-Dowty in China : "The biggest advantage we get from using NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS is the time we save by no longer using our NC machines for trials and tests. The machines are freed up for strictly production purposes. We have also reduced the number of programming errors, minimized risks, and cut out wasted tooling, material and collisions. Using NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS has been a major step in taking our industrial processes to maturity."


  • NCSIMUL Postpro® : Reliable, fully customized yet affordable postprocessors
  • NCSIMUL TOOL® : Cutting tool management
  • NCSIMUL Machine® : CNC Realistic simulation
  • NCSIMUL Player® : Share and review your CNC simulations
  • NCSIMUL PUBLISHER® : Technical content publication
  • NCSIMUL DNC® : DNC and Machine Status monitoring

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