SPRING Technologies - Partner of Federal Association of Model and Mould Manufacturers

Focus on Flexible Manufacturing and promotion of Young Talents

SPRING Technologies, developer of the innovative CNC software platform NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS, joined the German Association of Model and Mould Manufacturers (Bundesverband Modell- und Formenbau) in January 2017. The association represents the interests of more than 250 companies involved in model and mould manufacturing, promoting the exchange of experience and networking between the members. In addition, to effectively facilitate the members adopting new technologies, a partner network of suppliers and external partners is promoted. SPRING Technologies has been accepted into this partner network as a selected representative of the software industry.

"Manufacturing processes in the model and mould manufacturing industry are constantly developing further. After using CNC milling technology and CAD/CAM applications, new additive manufacturing processes such as 3D printing are being introduced. With the development of Industry 4.0 and IoT, many of our member companies are faced with the task of restructuring their own processes: How can existing machines be intelligently connected to optimize manufacturing processes? This partner network comprises of competent and trustworthy contacts that will support them during this transformation process. Being a partner is therefore a hallmark of quality for our members," says Peter Gärtner, the Association's Head of the Information Office for Corporate Management.

With its customer-specific prototype and made-to-order manufacturing, the model and mould manufacturing industry is an important user industry for CNC software and simulation, emphasizes Herbert Schönle, General Manager of SPRING Technologies, responsible for the DACH regions: "The use of NC simulations based on the virtual machines in NCSIMUL Machine results in significantly reduced set-up times, allowing model and mould manufacturers to more quickly and flexibly respond to customer requests. Our latest module NCSIMUL 4CAM facilitates the flexible re-scheduling of entire production cycles to other machines; digitized manufacturing data can be exchanged across sites and companies."

Being a member of the Association, his company appreciates the possibility of exchanging experiences and the direct contact with users across the model and mould manufacturing industry at company meetings and events, Schönle continues. This year's general meeting in May will provide a first-off opportunity. 

Finding and supporting young talents is a topic which both parties are highly committed to. Besides intensifying public relations and information about the career of the technical model constructor, the German Association of Model and Mould Manufacturers focuses on promoting young executives working in the industry. To achieve this, a "Network of Young Executives" was recently established. The young generation of model and mould manufacturers is particularly interested in future-oriented technologies such as additive printing processes, and emerging trends like Big Data and IoT. Technology partners such as SPRING Technologies can effectively support this approach with specific presentations and training.

About the German Association of Model and Mould Manufacturers

The German Association of Model and Mould Manufacturers represents the interests of the model and mould manufacturing industry, and supports associated trade organizations and individual members fulfilling their statutory tasks. It fosters networks within the organization, as well as with industry partners. The Association submits ideas and suggestions to related authorities, institutions and business partners, and issues statements focusing on questions relevant to the industry. For more information:http://www.modell-formenbau.eu/

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