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SPRING Technologies & NCSIMUL Machine 9 bring mobility & realistic simulation to the production environment

INDUSTRIE 2013 show in Lyon : an exclusive preview on booth 6-Y80

SPRING Technologies, vendor of solutions that optimize the use of complex NC machines, has chosen the upcoming Industrie show in Lyon, France to unveil its NCSIMUL Machine 9.

Visitors to booth 6-Y80 will be invited to discover the advantages of the new machining simulation solution − mobility, ergonomics and performance − demonstrated in the Windows 8 PRO environment.

"NCEXPERIENCE™", an innovative philosophy pioneered by SPRING Technologies, progresses the production environment into the age of mobility, ensuring that adopters enjoy better and faster access to information and greater flexibility in the workshop, with vital and reliable support to managers or operators, helping them in their decision-making processes wherever they are working.

"At our latest User Club, CUST 2012 in November, our customers from every sector of manufacturing confirmed that mobility in the Workshop was becoming a key to competitive performance", explains Gilles Battier, CEO of SPRING Technologies. "We knew that this was going to be a vector for productivity and, today, NCSIMUL Machine 9 addresses their needs."

INDUSTRIE SHOW– April 16 – 19, 2013, LYON, FRANCE – BOOTH 6-Y80

Announced as a world premiere in Paris on January 24, 2013, NCSIMUL Machine 9 is part of the NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS range that sets a new benchmark: "Smart Manufacturing".

Integrated, intelligent, and instrumented, it marks a decisive step in the world of production and delivers a new experience that SPRING Technologies' users call "NCEXPERIENCE".

At the INDUSTRIE show, the company will be featuring the ergonomics of NCSIMUL Machine 9, a machining simulation solution that has been redesigned and developed to make it accessible to all everywhere. From a workstation, a tablet or a touch PC, NCSIMUL Machine 9 makes tool path simulation more realistic and more immersive, integrating all machine, tool, and material parameters.


  • Enhanced user experience with an enriched 3D view, reinforcing adoption and interaction with the NC machine. In the Windows 8 PRO environment, NCSIMUL Machine Hub is a "tile" type application that provides one-click access to all available jobs.

  • Streamlined ergonomics: the man-machine interface implements Microsoft Windows 8 PRO standards, notably ribbon mode capability. Other key features are intuitive, context-sensitive icons that facilitate use in touch mode.
  • High-performance NC simulation: the result of a close partnership with Intel, NCSIMUL Machine 9 now implements algorithms that have been revised to make optimal use of multi-core processors and multithreading. Collision detection and material removal calculations are performed simultaneously, delivering quadrupled performance gains.

Olivier Bellaton, Managing Director of SPRING Technologies concludes: "Today's upcoming 'Y generation' programmers really want to join companies that operate at the leading edge of technology. They know this is what makes the difference in the market place. Today, manufacturers who do not factor ultra-mobility into every stage in their corporate process will find it harder to hire people with the right profile. Making human resources and technology work together is the key to building the factories of tomorrow ─ smart factories!"

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