SPRING Technologies makes 3D central to the development of the new version of NCSIMUL Machine, its machining simulation software

SPRING Technologies, a major player on the PLM and Digital Machining markets, announces NCSIMUL Machine 8.6, a new version of its machining simulation solution, and an integral part of its NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS offering. With its 3D viewer, optimized 3D display of tools, and ability to export the comparison between the theoretical CAD part and the result of the machining, the company has made a point of making the software user-friendly and delivering productivity gains to users of NCSIMUL Machine 8.6,
NCSIMUL Machine is the SPRING Technologies flagship product, enabling companies to simulate their NC machines with real-world accuracy, optimising quality and machining times, and consequently competitiveness.

New features of NCSIMUL Machine 8.6
• New 3D viewer: NP3TM
• 3D tool modeling
• Export of machining zone comparisons in 3D
• Optimization of job loading times
• Upgraded OPTITOOL module (for the optimization of cutting conditions)
• 65 requests for new functions have been addressed in the new version
Gilles Battier, CEO of SPRING Technologies: “we are investing heavily in research and development to bring new functionalities to our customers each year. We have strengthened our R&D teams in Toulouse and Paris. Version 8.6 of NCSIMUL Machine puts the emphasis on 3D because this not only delivers a more comfortable working environment, but also big productivity gains in the workshop, notably through collaborative work. Also, every year, we set out to address our customers’ demands by developing our products, and this contact with NCSIMUL Machine users keeps us in touch with the market and ensures that we can meet their needs.”
A detailed look at the new features in NCSIMUL Machine 8.6
• The 3D viewer: NP3TM
This lets users who do not have an NCSIMUL Machine licence look at a machining simulation. Whatever type of computer they are working on, anywhere in the company, they can use the NP3 module to view a film file of the machining simulation, the corresponding ISO program as instructions are executed, and change the angles from which the part and the machine are viewed, and remove material dynamically.
The viewer, for example, meets the needs of operators in the workshop who can use it to view the programme before running a machining job on the NC machine without any NCSIMUL Machine skills. Another market demand is for sub-contractors to be able to easily exchange machining simulation information with customers, even if the latter are not NCSIMUL Machine users. This capability enhances information-sharing and optimizes collaborative work within the company.
• The ability to model and view tools in 3D
For greater realism, the tools in the tool library are now modelled in 3D, and their physical characteristics are supported. This means, for example, that each insert in a mill cutter can now be modelled.  Users of NCSIMUL Machine 8.6 can now use any CAD models of tools in the NC simulation software.
• Export of comparisons in 3D format
Data used to compare over- or under-machined zones with the theoretical part are now stored in a specific 3D file generated by NCSIMUL Machine 8.6. The part can be modified directly from within the CAM solution, optimising user time.
• Optimization of machining job loading time
A user-friendly, time-saving feature in NCSIMUL Machine 8.6 saves the simulation status at all times to enable quicker opening of saved machining jobs.
• Upgraded OPTITOOL module
This module is now capable of optimising machining by applying a chip thickness criteria as an alternative to constant chip rate. The benefits for the user are reduced tool and machine wear, and a 20 to 30% time-saving per cycle.
NCSIMUL Machine 8.6 is available now.

A word about the SPRING Technologies NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS
This is a modular, comprehensive offering that includes solutions for: machining simulation (NCSIMUL Machine); cutting tool management (NCSIMUL TOOL); the calculation of cutting conditions (TOOL SIMUL); the management of process documentation (NCSIMUL PUBLISHER).

SPRING Technologies is one of the few small and medium-sized business to be placed in charge of a working group as part of the Digital Factory 2 project set up by the Pôle Systém@tic competitiveness cluster. It has been selected for the know-how and experience of its teams and for the quality of its “NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS” solutions. CEO Gilles Battier is deeply committed to this cluster, and is a member of the executive committee of its branch in the Paris region where he is vice president for relations between small and medium-sized businesses and major accounts.

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