SPRING Technologies and SMP: partners at the Industrie 2009 Show in Lyon – March 10 - 13 2009 Booth 4 U 136

SPRING Technologies, a major player on the PLM and Digital Factory markets, and SMP, a major player in mechanical engineering and sub-contracting for different manufacturing sectors, have decided to share common exhibition space at the next Industrie 2009 show in Lyon (March 10 - 13 2009).
Why a shared booth?
SMP has been a customer and partner of SPRING Technologies since 2000 and uses the French vendor’s NCSIMUL Machine to decode the ISO programs run on its tool-grinding machines. The company has also developed an in-house solution for programming machining centres: Numaffut+ is totally integrated into NCSIMUL Machine and enables  SMP to design its tools with Numaffut+, and seamlessly simulate the machining operation with NCSIMUL Machine, before making the tool on the NC machine.
SPRING Technologies offers solutions for the NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS including NCSIMUL Machine. The SPRING Technologies “NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS” offering is modular and includes solutions for:
• machining simulation and optimization (NCSIMUL Machine);
• cutting tool management (NCSIMUL TOOL);
• optimization of cutting conditions (TOOL SIMUL);
• managing process documentation (NCSIMUL PUBLISHER).
Two partners associate at a show for production technology professionals, giving visitors a chance to find out more about a complete offering to help manufacturers win the productivity battle.
SPRING Technologies and SMP will be demonstrating their solutions on booth 4 U 136 at Eurexpo Lyon, opening on March 10 2009.
About SMP
SMP designs and manufactures its own products: NC 1- and 2-axis tables, 5-axis NC grinders, and floating reamer holders. SMP is also a major player in mechanical engineering and sub-contracting in the sectors of defence, research and any other area in which engineering has to be associated with precision machining services. http://www.smp.fr/

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