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On the Radar: Intelligent CNC Machining in Aerospace

SPRING Technologies joins the Aerospace Forum Baden-Wuerttemberg as a new member

SPRING Technologies, a leading technology provider for software solutions to increase the efficiency of CNC machines, expands its industry network to become a new member of the Aerospace Forum Baden-Wuerttemberg, which represents the aerospace industry in Germany's south west region. “The aerospace sector is one of the largest and oldest industries within which NCSIMUL is firmly established. In particular in our home territory of France, many large aerospace companies, OEMs and suppliers make use of our solutions. There we are closely engaged with the GIFAS aerospace association. In the future, this focus will be actively pursued in Germany as well,” explains Herbert Schönle, General Manager DACH SPRING Technologies.

The Aerospace Forum Baden-Wuerttemberg e.V. (LR BW) acts as a link between industry, science, politics and society. The association's objective is to strengthen the global competitiveness of local companies, in particular of medium-sized suppliers, with a strong networking focus: “The aerospace industry is increasingly subject to international competition and pressure of costs; our members are facing huge challenges,” says Christopher Busch, Network Manager, Forum Aerospace Baden-Wuerttemberg e.V. (LR BW). “Networking, exchanging ideas to realistically assess trends and to forward significant information about support measures are therefore very important. The objective is to ensure the companies remain future-oriented and competitive, as well as to facilitate the exchange of experiences.

Events and workshops organized by LR BW build the platform for exchanging up-to-date themes and technologies; by way of joint exhibition appearances, business travels and projects designed to facilitate the access to new markets for our members' organisations. The aim of this network of companies, universities, research institutes and partners is to further cooperation and innovation within the association.

Automatic conversion and simulation of the g-code (© SPRING Technologies GmbH)

SPRING Technologies also recognizes the potential of networking: “The Aerospace Forum Baden-Wuerttemberg offers great opportunities for us to contribute with our know-how and to collaborate on innovative solutions and future projects, especially in the field of digitalisation,” says Herbert Schönle. The automatic programme conversion provided by NCSIMUL enables collision-free, optimised NC programmes and a time-saving, fast adaptation of programmes to new machines and controllers with just a few clicks. This all leads to substantial cost benefits to users. The aim is to digitalize the shopfloor: “With NCSIMUL, we provide an end-to-end, bi-directional data platform that includes all technology data about machines, machining processes, a 3D tool management and digital documentation. 3D videos of NC simulations, as well as encrypted end data can be shared within the supplier management, and company know-how can be protected. OEMs and suppliers are able to react more agile and flexible to changes in resources in production, and the respective manufacturing capacities can be optimally used. Within this framework, we see potential to revolutionize also the cooperation with supplier networks,” as Herbert Schönle further explains.

Herbert Schönle, General Manager DACH of SPRING Technologies sees with NCSIMUL new opportunities for the collaboration within supplier networks (© SPRING Technologies GmbH)

About the Aerospace Forum Baden-Wuerttemberg

The Aerospace Forum Baden-Wuerttemberg e.V. (LR BW) represents the aerospace industry in Germany's southwest. With its members it is a hub for industry, science and political decision-makers, as well as other important groups of society. In total, 15,000 people work in the aerospace sector in Baden-Württemberg with an annual turnover of approx. 4.8 billion Euro - with rising tendency. The strength of Baden-Wuerttemberg's aerospace industry lies in its integrated value supply chain, ranging from screws to research satellites. On average, aerospace companies in Baden-Wuerttemberg on average invest 17.5 per cent of their turnover in research and development. More on :

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