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NCSIMUL User Day 2016: Intensive sharing of experiences and innovative features

Seamless CNC processes with NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS

Stimulating professional discussions and an intensive exchange of user experiences shaped CUST 2016, SPRING Technologies' annual user day held on November 10, 2016. A large number of NCSIMUL users and representatives of the manufacturing industry accepted the invitation to MOTORWORLD in Böblingen to attend engaging workshops and presentations on NCSIMUL SOLUTICONS and sharing their user experiences. Seamless CNC manufacturing processes and challenges around Industry 4.0 were the central topics of many discussions.

As a leading provider of solutions aimed to increase the efficiency of CNC machines, SPRING Technologies regularly invites NCSIMUL users to a day full knowledge and experience sharing. "Many solutions are the result of talking with clients outside of the business premises. Our user day gives us an ideal opportunity to answer user questions and receive also valuable feedback on our solutions," explains Isabell Oerder, responsible for Marketing & Communications at SPRING Technologies in the DACH region.

Participants' feedback:
"The NCSIMUL User Day offers a platform for something that is still of paramount importance: the mutual contact with colleagues from other companies. You learn about ideas and solutions to many manufacturing problems in face-to-face interactions – you learn from each other. This is why we are happy to participate in CUST." - Frank Caspari, Head of Production, Attachments and Prototypes FPZ, FESTO AG & Co. KG

"We were especially interested in information provided on how to optimize air cutting. In this area, we can cut down on costs in manufacturing." - Heiko Siller, Manufacturing Planning, J. G. ANSCHÜTZ GmbH & Co. KG

In his welcome speech Gilles Battier, CEO of SPRING Technologies, expressed pride in the long-standing collaboration based on mutual trust: "We work hard to continuously offer innovative and state-of-the-art solutions to our users, tailored to their needs - which is why we invest in research and development."

This strategy has paid off. The latest NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS module received several awards this year: NCSIMUL 4CAM facilitates quick and automated conversions of existing machining programs to other NC machines.  Switching from one machine to another no longer requires time-consuming and costly re-programming and re-planning processes. As a result, the machines can be operated continuously.

A live-demonstration was also held for the OPTITOOL module. Intelligent optimization reduces air cuts, and machining times can be optimized by up to 20 percent with only a few clicks. In some cases, time savings of up to 30 percent have been achieved.

The participants were also given a closer look at the digital tool management NCSIMUL TOOL and learned about the upcoming interface and upgrade innovations: NCSIMUL Machine for example has a new SolidCAM interface.

In addition to the new features, customer service was another item on the agenda as it was also the new web portal that allows more rapid and efficient processing of support queries. The customer is able to indicate the degree of urgency of their query, attach files and view the processing status at any time.

The final presentation highlighted the relationship between CNC manufacturing and Industry 4.0: Partial operations are being outsourced more and more, which is why compatibility, exchangeability and transferability of manufacturing data are of paramount importance. Seamless process cycles and sustainable know-how protection even beyond the boundaries of individual companies are key topics in the future.

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