Montreal Manufacturing Technology Show 2020

NCSIMUL to be Exhibited May 11-13 at Montreal Manufacturing Technology Show 2020

NCSIMUL will be exhibited at booth No. 511, where the strengths of the solution’s verification and simulation tools will be demonstrated

Designed to verify and simulate CNC programming while increasing shop-floor flexibility, NCSIMUL will be featured May 11-13 at Montreal Manufacturing Technology Show 2020, hosted at Place Bonaventure in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

The Montreal Manufacturing Technology Show is an ideal platform for the manufacturing community to come together to connect and grow. The event is a unique opportunity to showcase products, communicate with industry leaders and gain practical knowledge to thrive, evolve and stay competitive.

NCSIMUL will be exhibited at booth No. 511, where attendees will see firsthand how manufacturers can benefit from using the software to create a digital twin of their machinery. This digital twin of the real-life machining environment can be used to verify toolpath, decrease set-up times, reduce error and costs, and increase overall shop-floor productivity.

The latest version of NCSIMUL includes significant enhancements to both high-end machining verification and the module that automatically converts CAM and NC programs to different machines.

Helping manufacturers bring their factories in line with Industry 4.0 smart production, NCSIMUL offers Optipower, an additional parameter to NCSIMUL Machine.

Used as a limitative parameter that optimizes the program and limits power so that risks of breakage are avoided, Optipower complements the Optitool module by adding the power and torque needed to remove material. Optipower takes into account material type, chosen tool, and the definition of its angles, and a graph shows the evolution of power on the tool, so it can be limited to avoid possible flexions, overheating and premature deterioration.


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