Missler Software and SPRING Technologies launch TopSolid'NCSIMUL for perfect G code simulation

Missler Software and SPRING Technologies are happy to announce the conclusion of a final agreement between the 2 companies to integrate the well-known G code simulation software, NCSIMUL Machine, as an option which can be used directly within TopSolid'Cam. This new package, named TopSolid'NCSIMUL, will be available in 2014 within the new release of TopSolid'Cam 7.8. The deep integration between standard CAM features and high-end machining simulation is part of the two companys' strategies, as well as developing increasingly advanced and complete workshop solutions together.

The initial objective of the agreement is to ensure a perfect coherence and workflow between TopSolid and NCSIMUL Machine. As a high-end CAM software, TopSolid'Cam designs a perfect tool path, close to the part, taking account of machine kinematics and material constraints. As a high-end CNC simulation software, NCSIMUL Machine's goal is to supply an independent fast checking and tool path optimization, close to the machine and the controller.  The combination of the two will leverage an incredible security and insurance throughout the machining process and programming stages for the customer, especially required when the part is a very expensive one, or when the machining cycle takes hours as well as the final tuning of the tool path, close to the machine in the workshop.

The collaboration between Missler Software and SPRING Technologies is important for Missler Software. Christian Arber, CEO of Missler Software, explains "In fact we have many customers in common with SPRING Technologies. TopSolid'NCSIMUL offers important time gains to these customers which thereby results in a competitive advantage for these companies and future potential clients. The development of the interface and the future integration between the 2 solutions is an important step in the validation and optimization of the G code generated by TopSolid'Cam post-processors. The part and machine environment simulation already provided by TopSolid'Cam together with the advanced G code simulation provided by TopSolid'NCSIMUL will no doubt help reduce potential collisions."

Gilles Battier, CEO of SPRING Technologies goes on to explain that "We are convinced that this strong commitment between Missler Software and SPRING Technologies will progressively generate a very complete and reliable solution covering all workshop needs. In the 2014 version we ensure that a maximum level of integration and interoperability is maintained for the customer. Going forward NCSIMUL Machine will be completely transparent for the user within TopSolid'Cam and we are confident that we will be able to offer many more integrated solutions to our respective customers. Our aim with Missler Software is to provide the best manufacturing solution throughout the world."

On a more long-term basis the 2 companies plan a deeper integration of SPRING Technologies solutions within the TopSolid'Cam offer for Cutting Tool Management and Optimization. Missler Software and SPRING Technologies aim to secure high end companies in their machining processes, with independent control. TopSolid'NCSIMUL is positioned as an affordable solution that is well positioned both in terms of technology and pricing.

About Missler Software

Missler Software, whose headquarters is located just outside Paris, France, is the software developer of the TopSolid CAD/CAM/ERP software range dedicated to the mechanical manufacturing, toolmaking, wood and sheetmetal industries. In 2013 company turnover was €27M for 200 employees. Every year Missler Software invests in the region of 30% of its annual turnover in Research and Development for its integrated software range. The company was founded in 1984 and has been present on the international market since 1997. Missler Software exports approximately 60% of its software licenses via a network of 80 value added resellers throughout the world. For further information visit www.topsolid.com

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