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Microsoft TechDays'14: on the Intel booth, SPRING Technologies showcases WYSIWYC® solution

Combining 3D machining simulation and 2 in 1 tablets/PC, WYSIWYC® enables synchronized real-time interaction with CNC machines

Demonstrating the applications for industry's professionals of the semiconductor chip maker, SPRING Technologies, a leading software vendor of realistic 3D machining process simulation, has been invited to share the Intel® booth at Microsoft TechDays, to be held from February 11 to 13 at the Palais des Congrès in Paris.

The event, dedicated to new technologies and digital transformation challenges, provides SPRING Technologies and Intel with an opportunity to showcase a dedicated solution to machining professionals, 100% mobile: WYSIWYC® – What You See Is What You Cut – on 2 in 1 devices.

WYSIWYC® has been designed especially for the machining environment and integrates major cutting-edge software and hardware technologies. It transforms the way operators and shop floor managers interact with CNC machines (machine tools or robots), offering the synchronized real-time support they need to operate them remotely.

Throughout the work shop, users enjoy the total mobility delivered by the Panasonic Toughpad FZ-G1 running Windows 8 PRO, and a unique user experience of machine operation, with realistic 3D simulation of machine axis in motion and part machining, and simultaneous access to work sheets. The whole application is in perfect sync with the actual execution of the program on the machine. With its security and remote management modules embedded in the core of Intel processors, the solution fits seamlessly into an IT environment.

Microsoft, Intel and SPRING Technologies address the professional community

This year, Microsoft TechDays show the most widely acknowledged event among digital professionals in Europe, opens its doors to industry's decision makers, and Intel has opted to give pride of place to software vendors.

"The massive adoption of mobile, stand-alone devices ushers in a new age for working methods. Using effectively the 2 in 1 momentum made possible by the 4th generation Intel Core processor family, SPRING Technologies has developed software tools that optimize production processes, bringing analysis and modelling capability to the heart of the machining environments. Rethinking the blueprint for how we work generates considerable savings", says Fabien Esdourubail, Enterprise Market Manager, Intel Western Europe.

Using Intel's latest processors, SPRING Technologies enables CNC operators working on a tablet PC, to view a realistic, synchronized 3D simulation of the actual machining process (machine, tools, rough stock, work sheets, etc.), offering them a global, contextual view (material removal strategy, choice of tool, cutting conditions, etc.) of the actual cutting operation, even when their view is completely obstructed (doors cannot be opened during the cycle, small portholes, high-pressure lubricant, metal chips, etc.). Synchronized with machine tools and CNCs from FANUC – world leader in the sector – this simulation solution enables totally controlled, shorter machining cycles, and is becoming the go-to tool for "Y generation" operators and programmers, offering technology that fits their lifestyle and day-to-day communication devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.)

This technological break with the past has been made possible by making optimal use of the 4th generation Intel® Core™ processor family, integrated into Panasonic's rugged Toughpad tablet, with a "Windows 8 Pro" environment that supports multipoint touch interaction between the user and "NCSIMUL Machine" for executing 3D simulations and using on-screen instruction sheets.

Indeed, the Intel Core processors are the perfect choice for manufacturing users faced with twofold constraints: mobile hardware (power consumption, weight, etc.) with no discrete 3D graphics; and industry-grade simulation software that is too compute-intensive when it comes to calculating dynamic graphics.

"By joining the Intel® Software Partner program we were able to make maximum use of the multi-core and multithreading capabilities of the Intel i5/i7 processors. These performance factors differentiate NCSIMUL Machine, our flagship machining simulation solution, from our rivals. By enabling simultaneous collision detection, material removal and machine axis path calculations, we deliver substantial time savings. Because our solutions are compatible with the Intel range – processors, mother board, etc. - we have been able to port our applications directly to the Panasonic Toughpad, taking 3D machining simulation mainstream, whereas formerly it was used only in process planning departments, transforming the interaction between operator and machine. We are very proud to have been invited to demonstrate this technological breakthrough in the manufacturing sector, illustrating the manufacturing theme that is the backbone of the Microsoft TechDays", explains Philippe Solignac, Corporate Marketing Director at SPRING Technologies.

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