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CUST 2013: more than 100 attendees gathered around “Shop floor 4.0”

SPRING Technologies keeps its promise of a ground-breaking technology with NCEXPERIENCE®

SPRING Technologies, vendor of solutions to enhance the productivity of NC machines, held the 5th edition of its Users Club on November 7, drawing over 100 participants: a resounding success for SPRING and its customers. The annual meeting of the NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS user community is now an eagerly awaited highlight on the calendar for machining specialists, and a special opportunity for SPRING to meet its customers and discuss their plans.

CUST 2013 had the honor of welcoming its guests at the Aerospace Museum in Le Bourget on the edge of Paris, at an event supported by the Pôle ASTECH technology cluster.

SPRING Technologies this year invited Dassault Aviation, Eurocopter and UF1 to give their feedback on the solutions in the SPRING portfolio and on the resulting benefits, supported by hard figures and ROI, giving insights into how these businesses are addressing the industrial issues of today and using innovation to win the battle of competitiveness.


  • More than 100 participants representing both SME and major corporations, using NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS
  • 5 thematic workshops featuring the key modules from the NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS offering
  • A satisfaction rate of over 16/20*

*source: CUST 2013 customer satisfaction survey


SPRING Technologies presented its vision of the digital factory and how NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS is now able to cover the global machining process. A live demonstration presented its added value, from the Organization and Methods Department (programming support, post-pro, optimization and tools selection) to the Shop floor (tools preparation, DNC, shop floor follow-up and mobility). The company also showcased its technological leadership with WYSIWYC® - synchronizing both technical documentation and machining simulation in real time with actual machining operations in the shop floor – and announced a host of new features for its range. With these innovations SPRING is cementing its position as a major vendor and specialist in shop floor processes.

CUST 2013 provided the opportunity to tell our users about the new versions of its products: NCSIMUL DNC 8.20, NCSIMUL Machine 9.1, NCSIMUL PUBLISHER 4.0 and NCSIMUL TOOL 2.4. These new offerings together enable more effective collaboration, higher productivity and a leaner digital process”, reports Olivier Bellaton, Managing Director of SPRING Technologies. “Today, the NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS range is becoming the only integrated solution on the market to deliver an enhanced user experience and perfect control of the global machining process, from CAM to machined work piece”.

Highlights of the event were the live demonstration of WYSIWYC® as part of a fully controlled digital process from CAM to machine tool, building in the vendor's latest technologies.

Using the shockproof, waterproof Panasonic Toughpad tablet, ideal for use in the industrial environment, NC operators can instantly view machining simulation and manufacturing-related documents, all synchronized with the ongoing machining operation. The result is timesaving, security and peerless comfort, notably when several machines are being supervised”, explains Philippe Solignac, Corporate Marketing Director at SPRING Technologies. “By making NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS mobile and accessible to everyone involved in the production process, we are making the use of NC technologies in the shop floor more democratic, and laying the foundations of a new generation of shop floor – Shop floor 4.0”.

Gilles Battier, CEO of SPRING Technologies, is delighted with the new approach. “We are very proud of this major innovation as our aim today is to bring mobility and a unique experience for users in their shop floors. Our belief is that people in the shop floor should have ergonomic, mobile and powerful tools. With a tool like this, operators do not have to be right there where the work is happening, yet still receive real-time information, enabling engineers and technicians to make the right decisions and explore ways of improving productivity, notably by keeping track of machine status. Our customers are increasingly aware of these new methods, the available capabilities and the perspectives they bring. With these technologies, we are able to open up the creative possibilities offered by NCEXPERIENCE®!

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