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Hexagon’s Smart Factory Solutions on Show at Virtual Exhibition

Software packages valued by companies both large and small

“Welcome to Hexagon production software products.”

Those will be the first words delegates hear when they visit Hexagon’s virtual stand at the forthcoming Backing Britain 2020 exhibition. While many trade fairs were postponed because of the Coronavirus pandemic, this project, run by the ‘Made in Group,’ aims to replicate a traditional trade show entirely online, using technology to enhance and improve the value for exhibitors and visitors.

The show, running virtually from Monday August 17 to Friday August 28 will consist of around 150 exhibitors, each with their own online stand featuring an introductory video, show boards, and brochures to download. Visitors will have four zones to explore: the Lobby, two exhibition Halls, seminar areas and a networking zone.

Hexagon Key Account Manager Jim Swales is running the virtual stand, and features in the introductory video. He will be explaining to visitors how Hexagon’s production software solutions form an integral part of the backbone of manufacturing processes. “Hexagon’s wide range of software packages are valued by companies both large and small, and in all aspects of manufacturing.”

Visitors to the virtual stand will see how solutions such as EDGECAM, VISI, RADAN, WORKNC, NCSIMUL and FASYS are used in manufacturing across production machining, mould and die, and sheet metal industries, to design products, optimise production processes, then create and verify toolpaths.

Jim Swales says this means manufacturers can produce “top quality components and finished parts efficiently and in extremely quick turn-around times, therefore remaining cost-effective.”

Anyone planning to attend as a virtual visitor can register at Before the event they will receive a physical ‘goody-bag’ which includes a 100+ page Backing Britain 2020 Book.

Images show Jim Swales preparing to record the introductory video.  

Hexagon virtual stand, Backing Britain 2020, your computer, August 17 – 28.


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