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At AMB 2016 : Discover how NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS revolutionizes a 30-years-old CAM process

Automatic conversion of NC programs to new machines provides maximum flexibility in production

At SPRING Technologies, leading provider of dedicated software solutions designed to increase the efficiency of CNC machines, preparations are already running at full speed for the company's presence at AMB, the international trade fair for metal processing, which takes place in Stuttgart, Germany, from 13 to 17 September 2016. Every two years, visitors can see the latest developments and innovations in the field of metal processing technologies: cutting and non-cutting machine tools, precision tools, measuring techniques and quality management, tool and work piece handling technology, robots, industrial software & engineering, components and accessories.

Within the theme-based area of software & engineering at Hall 4, SPRING Technologies will present live demonstrations of the latest release of its NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS platform. The unified all-in-one software platform enables users to manage the entire CNC process and produce high quality parts more quickly and efficiently - by providing a flexible NC programming solution, high-performance simulation and optimization, DIN-compatible tool management as well as DNC and monitoring for a perfect real-time overview of the machine status.

« Industrie 4.0 » in CNC Machining

Herbert Schönle, General Manager of SPRING Technologies and responsible for the German speaking region, explains: „Today, production companies are subject to tremendous pressures in terms of both costs and time, there is an increasing demand for individual, customized solutions, of course with the highest quality. To be competitive, manufacturing companies need to produce with maximum flexibility and achieve a perfect machine capacity utilization. In this, our customers benefit from 100% error-free and collisions-free machining programs. Programming errors are detected automatically -even before implemented- and set-up times reduced. Intelligent optimization means that we achieve great results in the reduction of machining time by much as 20%; at the same time we increase the tool life and downtimes, minimizing numerous unproductive service issues in the production environment. Fast, streamlined and interconnected process chains based on intelligent data-transfers are often decisive in competition.”

Intelligent CNC Machining with NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS (SPRING Technologies)

Flexibility drives Productivity

One of the highlights of NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS to be presented at the exhibition stand, is the new NCSIMUL 4CAM module boosting CAM systems, which recently has been awarded the INNOVATION AWARD 2016 in France. The software breaks with a standard machine-specific CAM process, which has been applied for the past 30 years: whereas existing CNC programs have been used to be re-programmed for every new machine, from now on NC programs can be converted automatically to new machines. „This is a CAM revolution: to simply transfer NC programs to new types of machines, with different kinds of controllers or kinematics. The first users have already confirmed that programming processes, which used to take several days, can now be handled in a few hours. At the same time, with the final NC codes, the technological know-how remains protected within the company“.

In line with the concept of Industry 4.0, the virtual and the real CNC production environment are perfectly balanced by NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS, with a seamless end-to-end machining process. In this context also the interactive 3-D simulation of the NCSIMUL Player contributes to a significant working comfort. Simulations can be run also in a mobile environment on a toughpad, and can be safely and comfortably shared both within the company and with suppliers - the software is cloud-compatible, opening the way for smart production also beyond organizational boundaries.

Mobile and interactive 3-D simulation for comfortable job preparations (SPRING Technologies)

The team of SPRING Technologies is looking forward to interesting discussions and contacts at the trade show.

Hall 4, booth 4 A 38

13 to 17 September 2016

About AMB

AMB is one of the top 5 trade shows worldwide in the field of cutting production technology, and is supported among others by the following patrons: Verein Deutscher Werkzeugmaschinenfabriken (VDW - Association of German Tool Machine Producers), Verein Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbauer (VDMA - Association of German Machine and Plant Builders) and the trade associations for precision tools and software. In 2014, the trade show attracted around 90.000 visitors from Germany and internationally, with 1.357 exhibitors from 28 countries presenting their offerings on a total of around 105.000 square meters in the halls and other exhibition areas of the Stuttgart fairgrounds.

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