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Align With Industry 4.0 Through Hexagon, at French Trade Show

Access Smart Manufacturing with Hexagon's software solutions at Global Industrie 2020

Visitors to the forthcoming Global Industrie exhibition in France will see how Hexagon's CAD/CAM, production management/MES and simulation software solutions integrate seamlessly with each other to leverage data, improving the design process from programming to production, helping manufacturers align with the philosophy of Industry 4.0.

The latest versions of EDGECAM, VISI, WORKNC, WORKPLAN as well as NCSIMUL, its G-code simulation software, will be presented together on the Hexagon booth Hall 5P79/87 at the trade fair which is being held at Parls Nord Villepinte from March 31 to April 3. These contain new features and improvements which, among other things, drastically improve the efficiency of 5-axis barrel tools and progressive die design, to reduce production times and secure manufacturing.

WORKPLAN and NCSIMUL from the Hexagon Production Software portfolio are essential to help GE manufacturers, as well as small and medium sized businesses, to make the best possible commitment to the company of tomorrow with intelligent production. With its new functions, usually found in MES solutions, WORKPLAN becomes the main tool for centralizing a company's data. It improves production management by integrating machine events, monitoring, CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System), CAM supervision, workflow and parts traceability. Christophe Mas, brand manager, explains: "WORKPLAN combines commercial and production management, while providing real-time workshop supervision."

NCSIMUL's modules give users complete control over their workshop, including virtualization of real machines, collision avoidance, ISO program verification, toolpath optimization, and program management and transfer. And NCSIMUL Monitor’s machine status monitoring improves production.

Through a digital thread process to be demonstrated on the stand – scanning with a portable Absolute Arm, reverse engineering, programming, simulation, production management and part machining immersed in an augmented reality environment – visitors will discover for themselves how connected data can improve manufacturing efficiency and quality, while reducing costs, giving a guarantee of sustainability for companies. 



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