Space Tech Specialist Opts For NCSIMUL Simulation Over Dry Runs

Space technology and exploration are again coming to the forefront with proposed new trips to the moon, and perhaps Mars, along with ongoing research at the International Space Station, and regular launching of communication and defence satellites.

Despite being a strong contributor to new growth in the high-tech field of space technology, a company manufacturing large, space-related components, often resorted to somewhat low-tech ways of checking for potential collisions on their machine tools.

All that changed, though, when they invested in NCSIMUL machine simulation software from Hexagon.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Quick, easy and accurate simulation and verification of the final G-code to avoid collisions
  • Corrects coding errors
  • Reduces programming time from between 12 and 16 hours, to around two hours
  • Negates the need to buy extra material in case of damage from collisions